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Yunnan Pagoda-shaped Black Tea Loose Leaf Tea,4OZ

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FengQing, the Origin of Yunnan black tea, the tea growing paradise 


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Yunnan  Pagoda-shaped black tea is from the Yunnan province of China, origin tea source.   

Finely selected from the fresh bud of tea tree in Organic Tea Garden at an altitude of 1800 meters, handmade to " Pagoda-shaped Black Tea".

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  1. One at a time, convenient for brewing. Handmade each piece is about 4 grams, it is easy to make tea at home, office or travel.
  2. It is selected from the fresh leaves of Tenderness Yunnan big leaf tea tree. It is harvested with one bud and one leaf as the standard.
  3. Golden with black in pagoda-shaped.
  4. Tea aroma is long and lasting, taste is thick and fresh, soft, sweet and lubricious, soup color is golden and translucent.
  5. When it is soaked, one piece each time. Put a pagoda-shaped black tea into cup directly, wash tea once, and add boiled water. Each piece can make about 8 cups tea. It is resistant to tea. It is also very nice after soaking. The shape is similar to a flower in a cup. It is not broken at all, so you don’t worry about drinking tea residue.

The joy of harvesting tea in Yunnan when picking spring tea,more detail......

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