Yunnan Black Tea
Yunnan Black Tea
Yunnan Black Tea
Yunnan Black Tea

Yunnan Black Tea Golden Jig Premium,4OZ

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FengQing, the Origin of Yunnan black tea, the tea growing paradise 

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Finely selected from the single bud of tea tree in Fengqing Alpine Organic Tea Garden at an altitude of 1800 meters.

Mist veil mountains all the time with pure water and rich soil, perfect growing the unique tea tree.

  1. Select spring and fresh Yunnan Fengqing big leaf tea tree, single bud, hand-refined.
  2. This Yunnan black tea Golden Jig Premium uses a single bud as material, golden buds appearance, mellow and strong, this shape is beautiful and complete, and golden velvet is more exposed with color is bright and lustrous.
  3. Tea soup is red and transparent, with a strong and refreshing taste.

    The joy of harvesting tea in Yunnan when picking spring tea,more detail......


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