Yunnan Black Tea
Yunnan Black Tea
Yunnan Black Tea

Yunnan Black Tea Classic Song Jig,4OZ

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 yunnan black tea lincang 

 Tea is picked to LinCang, Yunnan Province,China.

  1. Fresh tea leaf from March to May, a standard of one bud and one leaf, golden velvet reveals.
  2. Rich and mellow.
  3. The soup is red and bright, with a long lasting aroma.

How to brew Yunnan black tea?

  1. Add black tea (4~5g)
  2. Make tea more than 10 times [water temperature 80-83 ℃], after water boiled, and let it a little cooling down. Do not add cold water.
  3. Soak soup quick, 1~3 times is 1 second to complete tea soup, the first time is to wash tea, the 4th time and others are extended to 3 seconds, 5 seconds, 8 seconds, and do not cover after the soup is added

The joy of harvesting tea in Yunnan when picking spring tea,more detail......

black tea picking