pu-erh tea
pu-erh tea
pu-erh tea

Pu'er Tea Fossils Classic ,4OZ

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pu erh tea

An ancient tea garden

  1. Yunnan ancient tea tree leaf has been carefully blended and produced in 2003.
  2. Tea fossil is a high-quality refined Pu'er tea ripe tea, which is a perfect combination of traditional and modern crafts. Because its raw materials use Xishuangbanna ancient tea area more than 100 years old spring tea bud leaves, tea process is complex and quantity finished products are rare, it is very precious. The shape is similar to small fossils, hence the name tea fossil.
  3. Older and more fragrant.
  4. Red and bright tea soup, the plant aroma is obvious, mellow and after-taste sweet.

How to brew this pu-erh tea?

  1. 200ml bowl of brewed tea, 8g tea. The first two quick-bubble teas, warm cups, and tea.
  2. The third brewed tea for 10 seconds, covered with a lid, tea soup tasting (can adjust the time of tea according to personal preferences, the longer the thicker).
  3. Tea resistant tea, 7-8 times


  Women picking spring tea in tea garden, Yunnan

pu er tea

Dai women in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province is picking tea.More detail......