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white tea
white tea

Organic White Tea Sliver Needle,4OZ

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white tea

An organic white tea garden in Fuding,China

Select fresh white tea tree buds in spring

white tea

  1. Silver Needle is from Origin in Fujian, China.
  2. Made from buds of white tea tree in spring, tea leaves are covered with a thick layer of white fluff, and it is very smooth. The color is grayish green, like the color of green olives. Full of fragrance.
  3. Tea soup color is bright yellow and has a delicious taste. It is yeasty, sweet and full of fragrance.
  4. Sliver needle contains rich vitamins B1, B2, niacin, folic acid, vitamin E, vitamin K and vitamin C . The content of catechins, 25 amino acids, theanine and various minerals is several times more abundant than other teas.

How to brew silver needle?

120ml boiled water, 5 gram silver needle
5 steps
1.Wash porcelain cup
Rinse all tea sets with boiling water before formal brewing. The purpose is to remove the odor of porcelain bowl to ensure not to affect the aroma of silver needle.

2. Add tea
Porcelain cup with lip covered is better
3. Add boiled water

100 °C boiling water poured to cup. When filling water, use a fixed point of water poured, or a way of watering a circle. This method will not damage the structure of silver needle and fully release taste.


Brewing speed is faster for the first three times, poured out in about 5 seconds. Starting from the fourth, if you think tea soup is too light, brew it longer properly.

5. Enjoy your tea
Feel the taste of silver needle tea soup.