white tea
white tea
white tea
white tea

Organic White Tea Shou Mei Citrus Pearl ,4OZ

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white tea

An organic white tea garden in Fuding,China

white tea

Select fresh white tea in above 800 altitude mountain

white tea

Natural wilting

white tea


  1. White Tea shoumei citrus pearl is from Origin in Fuding village in Fujian, China.
  2. Fresh Citrus filled into Fuding White Tea.
  3. Refined by a special baking process.
  4. It is a mellow tea, fresh citrus aroma and tea-flavored, delicate and smooth entrance, sweet aftertaste long resistant. clear and bright tea soup.
  5. 8-10g/pc, easy to brew at home,office,travel.

PS.Liittle white spots are citrus aroma oils that are formed when citrus is baked.

How to brew white tea?

120ml boiled water, 5 -7gram silver needle
5 steps
1.Wash porcelain cup with lip
Rinse all tea sets with boiling water before formal brewing. The purpose is to remove the odor of porcelain bowl to ensure not to affect the aroma.

2. Add tea
Porcelain cup with lip covered is better
3. Add boiled water

100 °C boiling water poured to cup. When filling water, use a fixed point of water poured, or a way of watering a circle. Frangance will fully release.


Brewing speed is faster for the first two times, poured out in about 8-10 seconds. Starting from the fourth, if you think tea soup is too light, brew it longer properly.

5. Enjoy your tea
Feel the taste of silver needle tea soup.

There is another 3 methods to brew white tea

1.Brew with glass cup
Glasses and the ceramic cup is most suitable. 5 grams white peony, pour 90 ℃ boiling water. The first step is moistened white peony tea, smell it, and then brew it directly with boiling water. Drink it when you like.

2.Brew with a large jug
7 - 10 grams white peony tea, and pour it directly into 90℃ -100℃ boiling water brewing. Drinking directly, you can drink it from morning to night, and the taste is very sweet and pure fragrance.

3.Brew with teapot
Select Yixing or ceramic teapot is better for brewing, white peony white tea 7 g - 10 g, moistened with 90℃ boiling water, and then poured into 100℃ boiling water for brewing 45-60seconds. White peony white tea fragrance release.

White tea pick workers for tea picking season

white tea

Li Fang, 45, working in tea-picking season of white tea every year. She is a worker who is very familiar with tea-picking techniques. She has been in a busy atmosphere here for many years. This is one of her good friends work together. More detail......