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Black Tea Jin Jun Mei Tongmuguan Golden Premium,4OZ

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black tea garden kim chun mei

Jin Jun Mei  Black Tea belongs to the branch of lapsang souchong. It is native to Tongmu Village, Wuyi City, Fujian Province of China.

black tea jinjunmei

The expensive reason of Jin Jun Mei black tea is that the whole process is handmade by the tea master. Every 500g Kim Chun Mei black tea needs tens of thousands of tea leaves, picking fresh tea buds from the alpine original race in Wuyi Mountain Nature Reserve. 

black tea jinjunmei

  1. Complete a series of complex processing steps such as withering, shaking, fermentation etc.
  2. Jin Jun Mei  black tea is a rare treasure in tea. Only select the freshest tea 1pc buds in spring
  3. The shape is small and compact, accompanied by golden velvet tea. Almost whole body golden.
  4. Fresh and sweet, with a long-lasting.Fruit, honey, flower, pine mix aroma.
  5. Tea soup is golden yellow, crystal clear, clear gold ring.
  6. 8 cups of tea resistant per time keeping floral aroma and fresh tasting.

Jin Jun Mei  Black Tea Tongmuguan Story

kim chun mei black tea picking

More than 5 o'clock, 60-year-old Wu Laozi has gone into the mountains alone to pick tea. Today, he will walk the mountain road for two hours to reach the tea picking place, and then see him may have to wait until the evening. More detail......