keemun black tea
keemun black tea
keemun black tea
keemun black tea

Keemun Black Tea Loose Leaf Tea Hong Mao Feng,4OZ

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keemun black tea hong mao feng

The tea garden is located in Keemun, Anhui Province, with a high altitude of 30° north latitude, which is very suitable for the growth of the Keemun black tea tree.


  1. Spring tea, select fresh tea leaves
  2. Loose leaf tea Shape is thin, black, slightly gold
  3. Aroma tastes pure, clean.Entrance is sweet, taste is mellow,smooth and tender.
  4. Tea soup is bright red and pure.
  5. Water temperature is about 90 degrees. For the novice, the taste is sweet and soft, the water temperature is slightly lowered.For old tea drinker likes rich, and the water temperature is slightly higher.


Keemun Black Tea Tea Master, Mr. Xuan Wenwen

keemun black tea masterAt the age of 84, Master Xuan has still commuted to work by bicycle. This is a kind of perseverance to stick to one thing, just as he devoted his life to the black tea of Keemun black tea.He started learning to make Keemun black tea at the age of 18.More Detail......