pu-erh tea
pu-erh tea
pu-erh tea

Jasmine Pu-erh Tea Dragon Pearl ,4OZ

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puer tra

An organic tea garden in mountain

Yunnan arbor large leaf tea

pu erh tea

  1. This tea is selected from Yunnan's organic old tea area as a raw material, which has been raw pu-erh tea
  2. Yunnan big leaf tea mixed jasmine by handmade dragon pearl shape.
  3. Jasmine Pu'er tea ripe tea,5-6g/pc
  4. One piece at a time, easy to brew at home, office, travel
  5. Tea soup color is yellow and bright
  6. Tea tastes fresh and delicate, sweet after-taste with rich jasmine flora.

 Women picking spring tea in tea garden, Yunnan

pu er tea

Dai women in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province is picking tea.More detail......