jasmine phoenix pearls
jasmine green tea
jasmine green tea

Loose Leaf Jasmine Green Tea Classic Flora Aroma,4OZ

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Hengxian Villiage, Guangxi Province in China, origin jasmine flower jasmine green tea
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jasmine green tea
Tea and jasmine flower together make a miracle.
jasmine green tea
  1. Yunnan high-altitude green tea is used as raw material, which is hand-made into a snail shape, and then added to Hengxian (Guangxi Province in China, origin jasmine flower )Fresh Jasmine flowers for joint production.
  2. The shape is even, yellowish brown, white velvet reveals, fragrant.
  3. The tea soup is clear and translucent yellow color.
  4. Rich in floral notes, the scent of jasmine blooms.
  5. Tasting is rich and fresh, jasmine flora aroma is lasting.

jasmine green tea

jasmine flower story,more detail......