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Organic Green Tea Anji White Leaf Premium,4OZ

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Green tea Anji White Leaf is Zhejiang Province.

anji white leaf green tea
Green tea processing and according to the quality characteristics of Anji White Tea.

Only the tea tree species in this place is called Anji White Leaf Tea. Its leaf white veins are rich in 18 kinds of amino acids, content is 5-10.6%, 3-4 times higher than ordinary green tea, and polyphenols are less than other green teas. Anji white leaf tea tastes particularly refreshing and has no bitter taste.


The White leaf No. 1 tea tree variety planted in Anji  Organic tea garden, only select its spring whitening fresh leaf.

Is a very precious tea。

anji white leaf green tea

White leaf

green tea anji white leaf


  1. Tea shape is straight and slightly flat with green color, and white velvet is revealed.
  2. Tea soup is fragrant and taste fresh. 
  3. Soup color is clear and bright.
  4. Anji White Leaf Tea has a pure fresh flavor and lasting.


 Anji White Leaf Tea's picking secret,More Detail......

green tea anji white leaf