100% Organic Matcha USDA

Shop online for fine classic and flavored matcha from organic planting,100% USDA . Our Matcha is higher antioxidants content and use fresh green tea leaf,5tea Matcha collections are the range in varieties flavored and easy to boost your healthy food recipes, lattes, cakes, smoothies etc.

Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder Premium Grade ,4oz Emerald Green
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100% Organic Matcha , Premium Stone Grind Ultra-fine powder

USDA -Organic Promise

Vibrant emerald green ,Light green 

Taste is mild delicious and smooth

very obviously green tea flavored--savory-sweet, grassy, bright, and so on


Our organic tea garden

This organic premium matcha powder from tea grows at the classic north latitude 30°, which is the most conducive place for the growth of matcha tea. At 500-800M altitude, air is pure and the sun is Sunny, moderate clouds, natural precipitation is abundant, and tea moistened by morning mist.


This tea is of high quality and nutritional value higher than normal, antioxidant content EGCG is 32% higher than normal green tea. Matcha green tea powder is one of the most powerful superfoods you can find today.

USDA Organic Guarantee

100% USDA Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder, All Natural,

sugar-free, gluten-free, cholesterol-free


Why our organic matcha green tea powder is nice quite savory-sweet?

Traditional shade grew to boost nutrient content

Shade grew for 15-25 day with 98% shading rate prior to harvest  

This traditional way to reach higher amino acid and chlorophyll content - taste savory,vegetal, grassy, bright and color vibrant emerald green.

Why our organic matcha green tea powder is fresh green ?

Selectively handpicked, use fresh tea tree leaf with stems and veins removed to improve texture

Harvested for greener color, softer texture, milder flavor and sweeter aroma

Why our organic matcha green tea powder is tasted smoothies and grind ultra-fine ?

Stone grind into an ultrafine powder, keeping delicate nutrients intact and matcha green tea powder smooth, fresh, inviting and delicately.

matcha nutrition

What is health benefits of matcha green tea?

1. Helps You Lose Weight, boosts metabolism and burns calories
2. Powerful antioxidants EGCG helps prevent cancer, prevents disease
3. Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar protects your heart.
4. Enhance brain function, low caffeine enhances mood and aids in concentration
5. Detoxifies effectively and naturally, calms the mind and relaxes the body
6. 100% intake in the body, research shows that the nutrients contained in a cup of matcha are equivalent to 12 cups of green tea
7. Matcha Tea Is Very Easy to Prepare.


Matcha latte


5tea organic matcha pwder 0.3oz
Milk 150ml
Hot water 30ml


1. Add hot water to the matcha powder and mix well.
2. Milk beats milk foam
3. Pour the milk into the matcha and mix it fully.
4. Decoration

Matcha Cookies


Butter 4.5oz
Low-gluten flour 6.5oz
Whole Egg Liquid 1.7oz
Fine Sugar 4oz
5tea organic matcha Powder 0.4oz

1. Butter at room temperature softens
2. Add sugar to the butter and stir
3. Add egg liquid in portions and add once to mix once.
4. Mix low-gluten flour and matcha powder
5. Sift into the butter and mix well.
6. Cookie paste is added to the flower bag
7. Preheat the oven 180 degrees and bake for 25 minutes.

Matcha icecream


Egg yolk 3
Fine Sugar 3oz
Light cream 250ML
Matcha Powder 0.7oz


1. Add 3 egg yolks to the fine sugar and beat them with an electric egg beater until the egg liquid will slowly fall down.
2. Put light cream and 5tea organic matcha powder into the mixing bowl, beat it with a low speed of the electric eggbeater.
3. Matcha cream and egg liquid mixture, stir evenly, pour into a container, cover surface of the container with plastic wrap, and put into freezer more than 5 hours. During the period, do not need to take it out and stir again.

Matcha towel roll


Fine Sugar 3oz
3 eggs
Milk 10oz
Matcha powder 0.4
Cake Mix 2.5oz
Olive Oil 1oz
Light cream 14oz


1. Fully stirred eggs
2. Add fine sugar to the scattered eggs and mix well.
3. Add milk, add matcha powder and mix well
4. Add olive oil and mix well
5. Add the cake powder and mix well without particles.
6. sift into the measuring cup
7. Put it in a non-stick pan, spread it into a pancake, take it out and put it on a cool rack.
8. Light cream and sugar stirring
9. The cool pancake is spread out one by one.
10. Put the whipped cream on the pancake and smooth it.
11. Roll up the pancake up and down without cream.
12. Put in the refrigerator for 30 minutes and sprinkle with matcha
13. Oil paper decoration

Condensed milk matcha macaron


Almond Powder 3.5oz
Sugar 6.5oz
Egg protein 4
Matcha Powder 0.2oz
Water 1oz
Butter 3.5oz
Fresh Fruit Juice 1oz
Condensed milk 2oz


1. Mix well 3.5oz of sugar,almond powder,5tea organic matcha powder. Add 2 egg whites and mix evenly soft foam. Cover the plastic wrap.
2. Sugar 2.5oz with water and heat to 118 degrees, pour 2 egg whites. Stir until the protein does not flow. Pour 1/3 into the batter of previous step, mix evenly, load into squid bag, and extrude a round shape of same size. When it is cool to surface, put it in a preheated 140 degree oven for 15 minutes.
3. Stir the light butter, add 2oz of Nestlé condensed milk, and continue to stir. Pour in fresh fruit juice and continue stirring until the cream is smooth
4. Stuffing
5. Serve

Ice matcha milk


Matcha powder 1/2 tsp
Ice milk 100ml
Powdered sugar 1 tsp


1. Pour 5tea organic matcha powder and Powdered sugar into a cup and add milk 2 tablespoons (15ML) .
2. Stir the spoon and mix well
3. Pour the remaining milk into a large cup and use a milk foamer to make a milk foam.
4. Pour the milk foam into the matcha milk. Gently stir with a small spoon to mix the matcha milk and foam at the bottom.
5. Finally, sprinkle a little matcha powder on the surface as a decoration.

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