Green Tea

Green Tea is tea leaves made from fresh leaves or buds of tea trees, which are unfermented, processed by stir fixation, rolling and drying. Green tea retains natural substances of fresh leaves and contains many nutrients such as tea polyphenols, catechins, chlorophyll, caffeine, amino acids, and vitamins. Regular drinking green tea can prevent cancer, antioxidant and anti-aging, reduce fat and lose weight, and it can also reduce nicotine damage. 5Tea green tea is from origin local tea farmer with organic standard. Shop green tea online at 5Tea.

Green mountain, warm and humid climate is most suitable for the growth of tea tree.

Worker hand pick tea leaf - fresh green and whole tea leaf

How Green Tea is made


 Stir fixation

High temperature up to 80 °C in a short time and keep it for a period of time, completely destroying the activity of enzymes in fresh leaves, while emitting grass gas and developing tea fragrance.



Rolling is a process of shaping green tea. This rolling can also properly destroy some of leaf cells, so that tea sweat overflows to tea leaves more mellow.



Repeated stir frying and rolling at least five times to achieve dry pectctly by temperature accurately controlled

Huangshan Village Peaceful Life of Green Tea master

At 5 am., pick up tea from the mountain until it is dark, pick out the best buds and fresh leaf, then hand fry tea /stir fixation tea at an iron hot pan. When spring tea was on market, tea farmers and tea factory ushered in the busiest season of a year. 

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