Black Tea

Black tea, black tea in the process of processing tea polyphenols reduced by more than 90%, resulting in new ingredients such as theaflavins. Aroma substances are significantly increased compared to fresh leaves. Therefore, black tea has the characteristics of red soup, red leaves and sweet.5Tea black tea collections are from tea origin - China,tipical loose leaf black tea with high quality and organic tea garden.Shop online for loose leaf black teas sourced directly from orgin farmers with local special flavor and high quality.


Selected the most fresh whole tea leaves

Picking fresh twigs of tea, preferably in the morning, this tea leaf is best



Spread out in the air,naturally sun drying and let  tea lose some water


Tea rolling

Tea leaves repeatedly rolling, causing tea leaf tissue destruction and air reaction



Let the time make miracle.Oxygen interacts with the tea leaf’s cell walls to turn to rich dark brown to black color. Oxidation alters the flavor profile, different tea develop different taste or aroma, such as malty, fruity, floral.



Different temperature and time controls, and even baked fuel are the different factors that determine the flavor of black tea.



After the tea is toasted, stalks and pieces are removed,storage

Lapsang Sauchong black tea Story

Wangxiaojuan, 48 years old, has been collecting tea in Wuyi Mountain every day. It has become her daily work. Whether it is in the cold and cold weather or the sun, she will collect fresh tea leaves in the green hills. The average altitude here is 800 ~ 1500 meters, the temperature is low, the precipitation is much, the humidity is large, and the foggy day is more than 100 days per year. Wangxiaojuan said that she is used to the lifestyle here. Although the work of collecting tea is hard, she still likes it very much. Here, the green tea tree hills are surrounded by spring and summer, with warm winters and cool summers, large temperature difference between day and night, annual average temperature of 18℃, short sunshine, long frost period, sufficient soil moisture, fertile and loose, and high organic matter content. The tea tree grows vigorously, the tea buds have less coarse fibers, and the tenderness is high.More detail......

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