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5tea is small and flexible family-owned company. Wife and husband are passionate about tea, love family life, we have a common hobby - a cup of tea in hand, tasting the flavor & aroma, enjoying healthy tea snacks and let the time slowly gone.

We want to bring this wonderful moment and delicious tea experience to more people, so 2 years ago we began visiting the origin of tea - China, traveled through many tea gardens, and established with local tea farmers and found a lot of quality tea source.

We use online sales to promote these freshness and quality teas to more people. We invite you to meet them by visiting our Tea Source Story.

Our Mission

We share the best tea to you.

Choose tea from local organic tea garden and make tea with experienced tea masters to ensure quality of the tea is excellent.

The art of tea is shared with your life

Organic tea gardens cultivation, tea production, and tasting of tea are all the parts of tea art. When you are drinking tea, it is not only aroma of tea and delicious tasting,but also there are stories of every tea leaf,and tea artistic ritual.

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