loose leaf tea
loose leaf tea

Green Tea Lu'an Guapian Classic Plus,4OZ

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Green Tea  Lu'an Guapian is produced in Anhui Province,China. Lu'an Guapian is the only non bud sessile Tea.
It is an organic alpine tea garden, which is surrounded by clouds and moisturizes the growth of tea trees.

green tea

Only select the freshest tea leaf

green tea anhui

  1.  Lu'an Guapian is the only no bud sessile Tea.
  2. Tea shape is like a piece of melon seed with naturally flat and leaf edge slightly warped, green color and size is even.
  3. Tea soup is yellowish green and clear, with a high fragrance and long lasting. Sweet aftertaste with mellow and thick.

3-5g tea with 90 ° C hot water brewing, 3-5 minutes done.


 green tea

 Quiet and peaceful mountain village life of tea picker HuangYuXi,More detail......