Keemun Black Tea Tea Master Loves Tea Life 65 years

At the age of 84, Master Xuan has still commuted to work by bicycle. This is a kind of perseverance to stick to one thing, just as he devoted his life to the black tea of Keemun black tea.He started learning to make Keemun black tea at the age of 18.

keemun black tea master

The production of Keemun Black Tea is complex. The process includes the initial withering, simmering, fermenting, drying and refining shake screen, wind selection, floating screen,  hand picking, blending, fire baking and so on. Master Xuan has spent decades inherited such technology.

keemun black tea made

Now he is getting older, he is the technical consultant for the production of keemun black tea to supervise the quality of black tea products. Master Xuan used the whole life to refine tea review and the official formula(including tea blending and homogenization ). Almost all the top keemun black tea were delivered after master Xuan tasting. His tasting is as accurate as the keemun black tea quality inspection machine.

Master Xuan is responsible for this keemun black tea quality department.Technician in quality inspection.

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He also patrols production every day.

Workers are refining shaker screen.

keemun black tea made 3

Master Xuan is happy to work every day. Accompanied by keemun black tea make he happy. Maybe this is the secret of his health and longevity.