black tea kim chunmei garden

Tongmuguan Village is at the junction of Fujian and Jiangxi provinces. The average altitude here is 1200 ~ 1500 meters, the temperature is low, precipitation is much, the humidity is large, and the foggy day is more than 100 days per year. Between the spring and summer, the clouds are spread, winter is warm and summer is cool, the temperature difference between day and night is large, the average annual temperature is 18℃, sunshine is short, frost period is long, soil moisture is sufficient, fertile and loose, and organic matter content is high. The tea tree grows vigorously, the tea buds have less coarse fibers, and tenderness is high.

In memory, it seems to be raining forever.

black tea kiim chummei








        black tea garden raining

Endless green

black tea kim chun mei

Typical mountain tea picking residents

black tea picking residents

More than 5 o'clock, 60-year-old Wu Laozi has gone into the mountains alone to pick tea. Today, he will walk the mountain road for two hours to reach the tea picking place, and then see him may have to wait until the evening
black tea picking

Here is a natural organic tea tree mountain, Kim Chun Mei black tea is picking tender buds leaves here.

black tea picking

Such a steep deep valley, tea-picking workers are as calm to hand pick tea here.

black tea picking

Tea is sun withering, in the rainy Tongmu tea season, such conditions are not easy to get.

black tea picking

Mr. Zhang, a master of tea making for 30 years, is making Kim Chun Mei black tea .black tea picking

After the tea leaves are placed in the basket (fermentation)

black tea picking

Smoked bake

black tea picking

The temperature in the roasting room is about 60 °C, and the strong loose smoke passes through the huge 4 floor, which goes straight to the roof and through  tiles.

black tea picking

Burning pine

black tea picking

Tea master, the annual tea season, almost no chance to sleep, need to control the baking process all night。

Black tea is done.

black tea picking

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