What Is Matcha Tea? Ultimate Guides

What is Matcha Tea?

Matcha is a powdered green tea. Matcha is made by grinding best green tea leaves into ultrafine powder. This powder can be stirred into a cup of tea with water, or mixed into smoothies and recipes to increase health.

matcha tea

Origin of matcha green tea powder

Early custom was to grind tea into powder and then whipped or crushed tea in bowl with hot water. “Crushed tea” was later abandoned by Chinese and tend to brew tea, but Japanese continue to promote this matcha drinking method.

One of Japanese Zen priests who studied in Buddhist temples in China returned to Japan in the early 12th century and planted tea plant seeds. The young monk named Weisei used his experience in China to grow up and drinks “crushed tea” to promote his “tea ceremony” as a meditation ceremony in the Japanese Buddhist monk community. In the end, he spread the custom of drinking matcha in other parts of Japan.

Matcha is very popular in Japan and is very famous one of Japanese tea ceremony.But due to the impact of japan nuclear disaster from nuclear power plants in 2011, quality of Japanese matcha is worried.

 what is matcha

Matcha benefits

Matcha is an amazing overall health booster. Its health benefits are not just ordinary green tea, because you are actually eating tea instead of brewing green tea leaves.

Matcha is one of highest sources of antioxidants. A cup of matcha contains the same antioxidants as 10 cups of green tea.

Matcha also helps promote metabolism. It can help you burn calories four times faster than normal.

One of the most interesting things about Matcha is the amazing energy booster. Matcha is often used as a substitute for coffee because it helps increase energy and concentration. However, people usually prefer coffee because there is no caffeine collapse when you drink matcha.

Other health benefits of matcha include lowering cancer risk, lowering cholesterol, reducing stress and detoxifying the body,weight loss,reduce high blood pressure risk,prevent heart disease etc.

Difference between matcha and green tea

Tea Leaves used to make matcha are grown in a different way tea plants. Tea plants are temporarily shade grown to induce plants to overproduce chlorophyll,which enhance amino acids to sweet taste.This is key to high quality matcha and its unique health benefits.

What is the difference between different grades of Matcha?

There are three different matcha grades : Ceremonial, Premium and Culinary. It's important to know that all grades matcha have the same health benefits, and the difference between grades are taste andfine powder status.

Ceremonial Matcha is the highest level of Matcha. Made from the youngest green tea leaves, it has a smoother, slightly sweeter palate. Young tea leaves are ideal for matcha because they contain fewer veins. These leaves are more easy to stone ground into ultrafine powder.

Premium matcha is the second highest grade matcha. It is made from leaves that have not been chosen for ceremonial. It as a strong grassy taste and the same texture as ceremonial matcha. Culinary matcha is inexpensive with or more robust, astringent flavor and ideal for recipes and smoothies. There are two different levels of culinary matcha, culinary matcha and organic culinary matcha.

How do you know matcha quality is good?

What made matcha quality good? Check three tips: color, texture, composition.

High quality matcha is a vibrant, bright green. Avoid using matcha that looks like dust, gray or yellow.

Texture of ceremonial matcha is very good,it is super fine matcha powdered.If matcha powder looks grainy or very agglomerated, it is of poor quality.

How to make matcha tea?

Traditional methods making matcha tea is using bamboo whisk to stir. Simply add 1/2 teaspoon of matcha to matcha bowl and pour 5 ounces of boiling hot water filtered water, and then using bamboo whisk stir in a zigzag motion until its surface of the matcha tea forms foams.

You can use matcha green tea powder in many recipes,it is easy and popular.You can try to add matcha to smoothies, latte, ice cream,cake,cookies etc. Matcha powder can be easily incorporated into any formula.

Matcha latte is very popular now.

matcha latte

what does matcha taste like?Does matcha tea have caffeine ?

Matcha taste like: vegetal, sweet, rich, creamy, ice-grass, slightly astringent, rich and foamy.

Also it depends on the ways you prepare to matcha powder whole foods

How to storage matcha?

As soon as possible to enjoy matcha after production is the best way to keep its flavor. Since Matcha is a kind of grinded tea, any oxygen will immediately affect matcha color and flavor. Seal is stored in a cool, dark place after the first time to open bag, it can remain fresh for weeks and months.Un-open matcha can keep well for a year after production in dry and cool,dark..

How much matcha to drink per day?

How much matcha to drink a day depends mainly on your caffeine tolerance. 1/2 teaspoon of Matcha (1 serving) contains about 30mg of caffeine. For comparison, an average cup of coffee contains about 110 mg of caffeine. Most people find that they like to drink 1-2 matcha every day.


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