How To Brew Perfect Cup of Green Tea?


What is the benefits of drinking green tea?

As is known, green tea is a non-fermented tea, which retains natural substances of fresh leaves, and contains many nutrients such as tea polyphenols, catechins, chlorophyll, caffeine, amino acids and vitamins. These natural nutrients in green tea have special effects on anti-aging, cancer prevention, anti-cancer, sterilization, anti-inflammatory, lose weight etc., which are beyond the reach of other teas.

Since drinking green tea has so many benefits to health.

brew green tea

How to brew green tea?Perfect cup for health benefits

Perfect cup of green tea brewing tips you need to know.

Green tea is mainly brewed in glass cups and gaiwan tea bowls.

Tips :Glass cup brewing

When brewing green tea, there is a sequence of pouring tea.That is down, medium, and upper cast.

The difference between these three methods. Premise: the volume of the glass is 200ml, and the amount of tea is 3-5 grams.

Warm cup

Warming cup is a necessary procedure for tea brewing, which can keep tea warm and retain fragrance, and avoid the glass from breaking for high temperature.

1, Upper cast method - delicate green teas

Representative: Biluochun, Xinyang Maojian

Tips: Pour boiled water into glass cups until 70% full, when water temperature drops to about 75 °C, add teas leaves.

Note: It is easy to cause tea soup concentration to be up and down by the above-mentioned method, and tea fragrance can not be volatilized. At this time, pick up glass and gently shake to make tea soup concentration uniform, so that tea fragrance is volatilized.

2.Medium cast method

Representative: Longjing, Lu'an Guapian

Tips: Pour boiling water into glass cup to 1/5 full, then wait until water temperature drops to 80 ° C, add teas into the glass, turn around glass cup, and then add 80 ° C water to insoat seven minutes.

brew green tea

3.Down cast method

Representative: Taiping Houkui,Rizhao Green Tea

Tips:Add teas into glass cup then pour 85 ° C water to insoat seven minutes.

Select150ml gaiwan tea bowl, take 3-5g Longjing /dragonwell tea, and prepare 80-85 °C water.

Gaiwan tea bowl brewing tips

brew green tea

1, warm cup

Pour fair cup hot water into tea pot to increase temperature,which is conducive to better brewing tea.Warming cup is a necessary procedure for tea brewing, which can keep tea warm and retain fragrance.

2,Add tea

Put teas into guaiwan tea bowl

3, pouring water

Heat the water 80-85 °C and pour into gaiwan tea bowl. When pouring water, be careful not to pour hot water directly onto tea leaves. Pour it along edge of gaiwan tea bowl, otherwise it will affect teas taste and it's full flavor.

4.Share tea soup

Steeping time of green tea about 12 seconds, the first tea steep soup is poured into fair cup, and share tea soup.

Brewing tea conclusion

1. Tea consumption: Different types of teas using different amounts of teas,and the amount of tea has to be adjusted according to the taste of individual. For example, an deep tea drinker who is used to drinking strong tea, 3g of green tea let him only feel no taste.

Warm Cup: Remember warm cup before tea brewing, no matter which tea cups brew tea,warm cup can keep tea warm and fragrant.

3, Brewing: When brewing, pay attention not directly pour boiling water on tea, which will seriously affect quality of tea soup.

4.Water temperature: Brewing green tea, especially high-grade green tea, water temperature should not be too high.The best temperature is between 80-85 °C. If you are in a hurry, you can pour boiling water into fair cup,when start brewing, use the lid of gauwan tea bowl to drain and pour water into gaiwan tea bowl.

Brewing perfect cup of green tea is not simple.These green tea brew tips show the way to benefit your health and keep good tasting.


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