11 Amazing Benefits of White tea you need to know

White tea is a treasure in tea. It has a long history and its appearance has been around for more than 880 years. Compared with other teas, white tea has a unique natural and unique effect.

White tea is made from fine buds if excellent tea plant Dabai, Narcissus Bai, Xiaobai, etc. It is made of natural withering and slow fire baking. It is a slightly fermented tea with a degree of fermentation of 10 to 20%.

White tea famous products include white silver needle and white peony. Both varieties of tea are produced in Fujian Province,China. White silver needle is light yellow in color, strong in flavor,sweet and mellow; white peony is yellow in color, with sweet and fragrant smell.

silver needle

What are the benefits of white tea?

White tea has many health benefits,such as prevent high blood pressure, lower blood fat, lower blood sugar, resist oxidation and resist radiation etc.[1]

  1. Natural antioxidant

White tea has much stronger antioxidant capacity than green tea. Its antioxidant content is three times higher than that of green tea, and it is still the most natural in nature.

Tea polyphenols content in white tea is high, it is natural antioxidant, which can improve immunity and protect cardiovascular.

  1. Reduce high blood pressure risk [2]

Theophylline contained in white tea can dilate blood vessels, make blood flow, and help lower blood pressure.

     3.Reduce hyperglycemia risk

White tea has anticoagulant and fibrinolysis effects, can change hypercoagulable state, and has no side effects of general anticoagulant drugs, and has a significant effect on preventing blood lipids and cerebrovascular diseases. [3]

     4.Reduce hyperlipidemia (type 2 diabetes) risk

White tea contains active enzymes necessary for human body. This active enzyme can promote catabolism of fat, control secretion of insulin in body, and thus decompose excess sugar in blood. Therefore, white tea has effects of lowering blood sugar. It can promote body's blood sugar balance and effectively prevent type 2 diabetes.

white tea benefits

    5.Tea tannin anti-cancer

White tea has antitumor activity in vitro. After years of research, many research institutes such as the University of Oregon Cancer Research Center [5] have shown that white tea contains a new anti-cancer substance, which can continuously suppres shrinkage of liver cancer and improve immunity.

Bitterness and astringency in white tea leaves comes from tea tannins, which soluble components account for 40%-60% of tea.Tea tannin is the "first big hero" in tea. It can resist oxidation, improve immunity, and has preventive effects on many cancers including lung cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer and colon cancer.

     6.Caffeine refreshing

Soluble components of white tea leaves contain 8%-10% caffeine. Caffeine can diuretic, accelerate discharge of waste in body, and also has a refreshing effect. In addition, it also increases metabolism and promotes muscle contraction. However, the longer the tea is soaked, the more caffeine it oozes. Emotion fluctuations people and pregnant women is better to drink less tea.

     7.Theanine enhances memory

Theanine is a free amino acid unique to white tea leave.It brings taste of sweet and sour in tea. Study found that theanine can improve  physiological activity of dopamine in brain,so it can make people happy, while enhancing memory and improving learning ability.

     8.Improve skin beauty

White tea also contains active enzymes necessary for human body, which can promote fat catabolism, effectively control amount of insulin secretion, decompose excess sugar in blood, promote blood sugar balance, improve skin beauty

     9.Help weight loss

Weight loss: According to scientific research, white tea extract can significantly reduce expression of genes related to growth of new cells, and fat content is declining, and also promote decomposition of fat molecules in existing fat cells.

    10.Alleviate Hangover discomfort

Dihydromyricetin in white tea has a rapid onset and long-lasting effect. It is benefits for protecting liver and alleviate hangover discomfort.

  1. Protect liver

Natural substances such as dihydromyricetin rich in white tea tablets can protect liver, accelerate rapid decomposition of ethanol metabolite acetaldehyde, become non-toxic substances, and reduce damage to liver cells.

Drinking white tea at different times, there are different benefits

white tea

Drink white tea in morning to replenish energy

In morning, it is the most fascinating moment of the day,getting up often accompanied by drowsiness,choose white tea with rich amino acids to supplement energy to wake up. Make a cup of white tea, and you can quickly refresh yourself.

Afternoon tea with white tea is very pleasant

Drinking tea in the afternoon has benefits of detoxifying liver and nourishing kidney. It can also remove body fat and reduce risk of Hypertensionhigh blood pressure), hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia.Drinking white tea in the afternoon is relaxing and health lifestyle.

Drinking white tea at night can help digestion and sleep well

After absorbs foods nutrition of one day, body may accumulate some fatty things in digestive system. After dinner meal, drinking a cup of white tea to promote digestion.

Theanine content in white tea is the highest . Theanine has benefits of relieving caffeine and causing excessive central excitability. Evening is the most active time of human immune system. If you drink white tea in this period, it will not only help repair and restore immune system, but also help sleep well.


Drinking tea tips

  1. Avoid drinking strong tea immediately after a meal

In general, drinking tea after a meal helps to eliminate fat. However, if you drink strong tea immediately after a meal, it may lead to poor absorption of nutrients in diet, affecting absorption of iron and protein substances.

  1. Tea is too strong

The stronger tea, the more irritating it is. If you drink a lot of strong tea regularly, it will cause headache, nausea, insomnia, and irritability.


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